Savannah Buffalo Soldiers M/C College Scholarship




The Buffalo Soldiers M/C of Savannah Chapter announces its Scholarship Program. We award $1000 scholarships to two graduating seniors who attend Savannah, Georgia and surrounding area high schools.This scholarship may be used at any higher educational Institution of the awardee’s choice.


Applying students will be selected for the scholarships based on the following criteria:

1) Acceptance to a degree granting institution

2) An essay

3) Two letters of recommendation

4)  Contribution to school and community

5) An interview with our Scholarship Committee

Applicants must submit a two page (minimum, do not exceed three pages) typewritten (double-spaced), essay on one of the following topics

1) The 9th and 10th Cavalry Regiments (one or both of the regiments)

2) My Career Goal and My Achievement Plan

3) Barriers and Enhancements to my Educational Experience

A copy of an official transcript must be mailed to the Scholarship Committee Chair- person
(address below). Additionally, letters of recommendation from two of the following must be included in the scholarship application packet.

1) Teacher

2) Guidance Counselor

3) Minister

4) Employer

5) Community Leader

Completed scholarship packets must be mailed and postmarked before February 15

The Scholarship Committee will choose scholarship recipients. Scholarship recipients and school officials will be notified via certified letter as soon as practical, following selection of the recipients. The recipients will be recognized at the Chapter’s May meeting. Additionally, a representative from the Chapter will recognize the recipients (sometime after the May meeting) at an appropriate school sponsored function – to be jointly determined by the school’s point of contact and the committee.

All Applicants are required to have an interview with the Chapter’s Scholarship Committee on a prescribed date and designated time and location set by the committee.

We will reach out to the school’s Guidance Counselor as our point of contact for validating the entry and arranging the opportunity to recognize the student.

Scholarship awards may only be used for qualified education expenses include tuition and fees; and course-related expenses such as books, supplies, equipment. Any amount not use for qualifying expenses must be returned to BSMC of Savannah GA.

Contact Neal Munn Scholarship Committee Chairperson, at 912-596-6743
for additional information or application forms.

Applications and Official Transcripts should be mailed to the Scholarship Committee at the address below:

Neal Munn., Chairman, Scholarship Committee:
Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club
P.O. Box 742
Savannah GA 31402-0742



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